Animal Crossing
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Welcome to this fan-made site for fans!

Are you desperate for Animal Crossing codes that will allow you to progress faster in the game?

You have come to the right address, the goal is for you to be able to exchange easily and quickly with others players. You will be able to easily exchange the different objects, fruits, clothes, accessories, etc. available in the game.

Of course do not hesitate to talk about it around you because the more we are, the better. shares will work!


Dodo Code

Dodo code allow you to travel to the islands of other players thanks to Dodo Airlines. On these islands you will not be able to use your shovel and ax.

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Dream code

Visit different islands thanks to Serena's bed. Being in a dream, anything you do will be without consequences for you and your host. When you wake up, your pockets will not be more (or less) full!

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Friend code

Want to meet new inhabitants, share your friend code! You will be able to play freely on the visited island

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A suggestion, advice, encouragement, etc. We are open to all requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

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